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Friday, December 19, 2008

Company Christmas Dinner

It's that time of year for the annual company Christmas party. Many company's are canceling the party this year, Google, Disney to name two. Yet we soldier on and set our dinner for Friday evening.

This has produced unnecessary bouts of aggravation in all 7 employees (not counting Director of Ops because no one solicited his opinion). We all collectively requested a lunch because:
A. some of the younger ones have fab social life and regret losing any Friday night freedoms
B. one artist has an aunt with a birthday and parents coming down to celebrate
C. one person's child has child's Christmas play/event at nursury
D. my reasons are everyone I work with is a size 4 or smaller and I'm more like a 10 and seriously frustrated over what to wear with the addition of it being daughter's 6 month birthday and would just prefer a night in celebrating with cupcakes and silly photos.

Granted this is likely the spur of my Monday resolve to lose weight which backfired magnificently in the breast milk production area. Thus giving me total reason to stay cuddly and continue my carb injestion ways.

The pressure to get thinner is self-imposed. It comes from memory of the days when husband and I were rail thin in college and we're not quite sure how it's even possible our bodies managed to gain this extra weight. A history of being thin coupled with not wanting to settle into parenthood in front of the telly but wanting a vivaciously, adventurous life with our offspring is leading to impatience with our new found curves.

BUT - nothing gets in the way of caring for offspring so I settled for a new J. Jill billowing sleeveless top and spent the evening eating favorite Szechuan Chicken and rice. Pleased to say milk production favors rice intake.


Anonymous said...

My son is 20 months old so I had a baby not that long ago (just trying to build up credibality here).

I just want to say is totally normal (if annoying) to still have a little extra wieght (especially if you're nursing). Lots of mom will carry some extra wieght until the baby is weaned.

I really believe in the saying - it took 9 months to put the weight on and it will take at least that long to get it off.

Your body just produced a miracle - it takes time to recover.

Good luck.

crazywildberry said...

I remember you then and I am sure that you will manage to return there with time. So give yourself a little to get there. It took me a little while to get back to the size I wanted after my first. Now that I am recovering from #3, I am two sizes and too much weight bigger. But I am hopeful that come Spring when it is nice outside and I can start walking again, I will lose the extra pounds. Let's make a plan that if after holidays are over and my weather is better (no ice, no snow, say March?), that we will lose our weight together. Like in the old days with all those 20+ mile bike rides we used to take. Fun, huh?