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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm having balance problems

life balancing problems that is

6:30 - wake up, waste time on the internet for 20 minutes, get ready for work
8:30 - rush out the door with lunch in hand along with breakfast burrito and coffee
8:45 - arrive to work
Noon - girls in office tempt me with Mexican food. They know it's my favorite restaurant and they dangle it in front of me. Not excited about stew I've brought for lunch so I cave in. This is a bad idea for 2 reasons
- 1 - I plan to leave at 5pm, and since I didn't arrive until 8:40 that leaves my day short of working 8 hours
- 2 - that means I'll be up late at night finishing emails
I go anyway
5:15 - leave work for yoga class
6:00 - Yoga class - I rock the leg positions, really weak in the duel arm/leg boat position so flail around aimlessly.
7:15 - go to Whole Foods
8:00 - arrive home to notice husband needs to go to Petsmart before 9pm to get 30% discount that ends today. I take baby who promptly falls asleep on my shoulder after giving husband the wicked eye as if to say "I love mom and not sorry for being a total pain all day"
8-10 - I eat tamales while holding sleeping baby and get her ready for bed.
9:30 - husband comes back and small neighborhood boy knocks on door to ask him to fix his bike. Noticing husband will be busy for awile, I get babies bottle ready and take her to bed.
10:15 - spend a few minutes wandering aimlessly on internet
10:30 - midnight - finish work emails that I could have been doing instead of eating Mexican food for lunch.

Guess what?

Miami airport has located our carseat and is sending it tomorrow!!!! Now if Kodak would just call to say they are finished fixing our camera and have not found further issues to discuss!


Anonymous said...

I think balance is over rated anyway. And mexican food is really good... (it's 8 in the morning and I would totally go right now).

That's great about the car seat.

Greasycog said...

Mmm, enchiladas. Too bad I had to stay home and eat the stew you refuse to touch.

R. Molder said...

Mexican food goes great with breakfast. I had a chorizo burrito every day in Texas.

Yes we are thrilled about the return of our car seat. Now if my cat's tail would just grow back and my camera would get fixed and returned before Christmas my life would be just peachy!