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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Motivational speeches

In the company I work for, there are 9 employees in the US office. We all know each other pretty well. 5 of us are in the creative department which is a big open room. One cannot receive a personal call without the entire room knowing about it. One cannot go out to lunch with a friend without everyone knowing. So today when the boss gave a little motivational speech that times are tough, people are getting laid off and we all need to work harder because next year is going to be a really hard year. In fact, an executive he just presented to recently just lost her job, without any warning. Her management didn't even see it coming. He then points at 3 of us standing the closest to him and says, I don't want to come in one day and have to say your fired, your fired, your fired. We look over at the 2 guys sitting at the side table - one cheers yeah we're safe. The girls and I just nod our heads sagely and after the meeting, we all go about our business. Let's face it, we work at a small company, there are no surprises. When there is really bad news, everyone knows it. When there is a need to work hard, everyone knows it. Motivational speeches, well considering how well we know each other are just as expected as knowing what everyone's personal calls are about.


Grit said...

this cannot be a great time for you all, but i do hope all is going to be ok for you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I also work for a very small company. I'm a consultant and I'm not all that sure my future is rosy. I guess no surprises is a good thing. The only downside is that you have plently of warning to worry (even if nothing happens).

R. Molder said...

Hi Grit - Thanks! I'm optimistic.

Hi K - Agreed! It's the plenty of warning that can sometimes cause a heavy sigh on Monday morning. Oh what will the week bring now?