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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

My very first Mother's Day was in 2009 and I found myself booked on a trip to Asia because my boss's daughter had an important Catholic ceremony that same weekend and could not miss it.  I remember feeling a bit discombobulated, disconnected and just weird about being away.  Since then I've had some good Mother's days and some where I had to adjust my expectations on what to expect of my family that day.  I remember last year feeling overwhelmed with the amount of dishes and lunch that needed to be made and then my brother came and blessed us with a Mother's Day meal and in the evening my little family rallied and got flowers.  At times I've wanted a break for Mother's Day, a place to just go and be alone for the day to catch my breath, read a book, get room service.

This year I'm in a 5 star hotel in Hong Kong, with room service and I find myself texting the family during my waking hours, missing them, wishing I could be there with them.

I think the best way to enjoy Mother's Day is this:

  1. Ignore the Facebook posts where Mother gets breakfast in bed and don't expect it of your family
  2. Look at your little miracles and realize that through their loud clamoring ways, they are the ones who made you a Mother
  3. Your husband and children love you so very much, they just don't always know how to show their love, so accept their little gifts and treasure them
I love my little tribe, and I'm so proud to be called their Moma, even when it's repeated 50 billion times in a single day :)

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