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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 3 of Asia Trip

Today was a tour of printing factories.  I really enjoyed this part because I like to have a better understanding of the challenges the team faces so we can do a better job in creating the artwork they need to make the printing process more efficient.

I got to learn about how pop printing is made and it is so time intensive that I will probably never spec this again!  It was crazy the number of steps needed to get to a finished product.

These tentacles are for Hank, the octopus from Finding Dory.  They have to run this silk screen 3 times to build up the color.

After every time the silk screen is run over the fabric, this machine stamps it firmly into the fabric.

This is the fabric after one run of print and one run of stamping.

Finally, after the 3 rounds of printing and stamping, the fabric is laser cut, then put through this pressing machine which finally makes the print POP.

Here is the final popped print.

I also got to eat Sushi for lunch and again to Starbucks so that was totally awesome.  It's the little things that makes working a 12 hour day bearable.

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