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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Day 4 of Asia Trip

Today we went to the open market.  This was probably the most frightening experience of my entire life!  The market is a giant sprawling building with roads built between the rows of material vendors so that bicycles, motorcycles, 3-wheeled vehicles and even small trucks can zoom through and drop off/pick up loads of materials.  Everyone is going in a crazy zig zag pattern as we do our best to walk in a consistent straight line to the sides and not get hit.  I swear there was one point where I got so tired from the heat that I had that deer in the headlight look as a motorcycle headed straight my way.  I'ts not death I fear, but getting injured badly and stuck in a hospital in China with legs in traction for months at a time; thankfully we all survived!

This is definitely not a job for the weak, my hat goes off to the guys who come here to pick up all the fabrics needed for our developments and I can certainly see how they might get a little distraught when we suddenly change our minds on which fabrics to use!  I shall certainly be more careful from now on!

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