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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Break down of time spent on flight to Asia

When faced with a trip to Asia, I often forget how I managed to survive the flight.  The following was tapped into my phone during the trip.

I thought it was 16 hours but just before we left the monitor said 14.5 I believe.

I tried to watch "By the Sea" but there was so little dialogue and Angelina Jolie was just lying around in beds or draped over chairs that I dozed off.  I woke to hear her swearing so much that I turned it off to find another movie then dozed off again.

I woke a short time later when lunch was announced and jumped up to use the bathroom.  Lunch was a really good pasta, salad and roll followed by green tea ice cream which I ate while watching "Pan".

Pan was really an enjoyable movie!  Now I've got 11:38 hours left and I'm a bit depressed about that.  Seems more time should have passed with the nap earlier.

Lights are down and my eyes hurt.  Guess I'll get up, use the loo again and take my contacts out.  Also, it's 6:30 pm on the East Coast.  Missing my family.

11:02 hours remaining.  Guess I've managed to kill 30 minutes by using the loo, getting ready for bed, reorganizing my cords and plugging in my phone (surprisingly hard with seat in front of me pushed back).  Guy next to me has a light on, not sure if I could sleep, guess I'll watch another movie.

Watched Hancock for five minutes, it's really stupid.  Will Smith plays a drunk super hero that makes a mess of the city.  Moving onto Shutter Island.  

Lol, I spent 38 minutes thinking my neighbors light was on when it was mine.

Shutter Island got really weird, flash backs of dead people, dead people talking and too much swearing, stopped at one hour. Tried to sleep, couldn't, so trying another movie.  Bridge of Spies.  Took 2 Tylenol for back pain.

Accidentally started the movie in another language but didn't realize it for 10 minutes because it had no speaking until then.

8:55 hours left, try to sleep again.

Actually managed to sleep 6 hours!

Breakfast served, eggs, too spicy.

One hour flight left, one hour left in the movie, actually had to fast forward parts to get through it.  Was kinda boring but wanted to see the ending.

Lots of turbulence, threw up the eggs :(

Landed 5:26pm, which is 6:26am in MD

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