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Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 5 of Asia Trip

It's Friday, meaning we still have a Saturday work day ahead of us.

Happy Friday the 13th, I text my husband.

I trudge out of bed and make my morning coffee, thankful that the weather hasn't been as bad as Tuesday and that we are done with open markets and printing shops for the week.  Looking forward to a day of sitting in a sample room all day and working with the pattern designers on their developments.

We head back to the Sushi place for lunch followed by Starbucks, they do know how to spoil me.  In the evening after work, our Hong Kong GM announces she's going out with a friend so my US co-worker and I are left to our own devices in the hotel.  We find a lounge and order pizza.  The guy who showed us to the lounge says it's the movie room, which sounds exciting until you see it's just a bunch of screens with sports.

The pizza's good and we then retired to our rooms with nothing to do but read books for 2 hours before bedtime.  I can't post any blogs in China because it's through Google and Google is blocked in China so any post from this week are written in Hong Kong and post dated.

I spend the 2 hours packing, reading and playing games on my phone.  The only snafu is my laundry was not returned and we are checking out the next day so I call with some trepidation as sometimes they don't speak enough English but an hour later my laundry showed up.

Thankful for a mostly quiet and easy day.

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