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Saturday, March 08, 2014

It's the little stuff that collectively makes up a happy childhood, like walks to the park

If you ask me to name one memory from my happy childhood I'd be hard pressed to find one perfect moment.  I remember my parents taking us so many places that sometimes my brothers and I have to compare notes on all the places we've been!  I remember going to DC every spring and summer to see the flowers and museums.  We did one family vacation per year and then multiple little trips to Patton, PA to visit mom's home town and then there were the trips to the parks.  Lots of parks!!

On the days when I'm tired and just want to stay home, I remember my parents were probably tired to, and they took us lots of places. 

Saturday is my day off to spend with the kids.  I try to get stuff done in the morning with chores and what not but after nap time it's party time!  This day we finally had some gorgeous weather and these kids were just itching to get outside.  I combined snack time with outdoor time by handing each a snack cup which they each clutched while swinging (Violette's is hidden inside her swing but she has a death grip on it):

They run through all the playground equipment in five minutes and start looking for something to do.  I suggest they pick up sticks to make a fire - thinking imagination!  They took me quite serious and ran around picking up sticks until we had such a big pile that I called upon husband to bring the wagon because they were getting so excited about building a real fire! 

We had fun and the next day, their dad really did build a fire for them.  I did the same thing my mom did, watch and fret that everyone was going to fall in but they did fine.  My dad used to build fires to burn the trash, we lived in the country so I guess that was a practical way to dispose of trash.  Memories blend with current life.

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