Saturday, March 22, 2014

It Got Better!

The most recent trip to Vietnam was hard.  At the beginning of the trip Violette got sick and stopped eating for several days.  I got online and searched for earlier return flights but the cost was too high to justify.  I told my friend Sunny in Vietnam and she prayed for Violette every day until mid-week, she started eating again.  So I began to relax and look for beauty in Vietnam.  The hotel staff was very kind.  The manager checked on me frequently to make sure my stay was comfortable.  I got a two foot massages.  Sunny took me out for wonderful meals.  The computer tech at the factory messed up my computer so I could only get internet at the factory - he manually changed the IP address - so at the hotel I could only read so I got caught up on alot of books.

It became a restful, peaceful and productive week. 

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