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Thursday, March 06, 2014

What if I said yes to everything my 3 year old requests in one hour?

I had this thought today as I stayed home with my three year old while husband took the baby to pick up Charlotte from kindergarten - what if I said yes to everything he requests in one hour?

1st request happened when I said "I'll be right back, going to the mailbox".  "Can I go with you?", he said.  Um sure, even though I'm worried you'll want to stay outside forever and I don't like being cold, I said to myself, while putting him in coat and boots.  But no, he dutifully went to the mailbox, collected the mail and came right back inside.

2nd request - can I play marbles and machines (translation - put marbles into a gumball dispenser)?  Absolutely yes!  No babies around to pop them into her mouth.

3rd request - I'm hungry, how about some cheese?

4th request - Can I have strawberries?  Sorry no, all out of strawberries.

5th request - How about Cottage Cheese?  Wow, someone's a hungry hungry hippo but sorry, out of cottage cheese.  Quick text to husband should remedy that!

6th request - Can I play Hungry Hungry Hippo's?  Uh, I want so badly to say no but I promised I'd say yes to as many things as I possibly could.  Okay, let's go downstairs into the dirty basement and find the game.  Oh wait, I'm completely inept when it comes to assembly and my husband always always takes it apart and consolidates it neatly like an engineer designed it to go.  Oh look, he finds a way to play with it even though the hippos are sitting forlornly on the table waiting for dad to come home.  I even take a client call for 19 minutes and he keeps on playing.  You go boy!!!

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