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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Travel Tips ~ Food

I struggle with food issues on when living out of a hotel for two weeks - it's the dependency on others to prepare my food that bothers me.  See I'm a big proponent of making homemade food for practically every meal at home so you can see why ordering every meal might be a bother.  So I've become a bit of a food hoarder.

Breakfast comes with the room so I use this to my advantage to order more then what I want to eat and save it in the little hotel fridge.

  • I save the milk pitcher that comes with the tea.  
  • I order extra yogurt to have as a snack later.  
  • I save the sugar container for tea later or whatever
  • This morning a bowl of berries.  
  • Last night, half my lasagna.  

It might sound a little strange, but when you want a snack and find yourself annoyed at picking up the phone, then being dressed modestly to have someone deliver the food well it pays off in the end.  The milk is great for evening tea which I can make myself with the hot pot in the room.

There is a microwave in the office so I'm going to see about heating up my lasagna for lunch.  One trip saved to a restaurant!

As a side note, my boss does pay for all meals and has not asked me to be thrifty, it's more a personal preference of privacy that motivates; sometimes I just get really tired of eating alone in a restaurant.

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