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Friday, April 05, 2013

How we create independent children

 See that travel tab in the menu bar?  It's not exclusive for mom!  Every family member gets their own travel agenda.  Sam's started when his Texas Mema called a few weeks back asking which grand  kid she could "borrow".  We offered Sam because Charlotte's in pre-school and Violette screams her head off when anyone touches her but mom and dad.  

So we packed his bags including his favorite Woody plush toy and sent him to Texas for two weeks.  Check it out, not a moments hesitation.  Two years old and fully confident.

I've heard rumors that he's living the good life in Texas with Dairy Queen for lunch and trips to Petsmart.  It's good to be the center of attention for two weeks.  He deserves it for putting up with two demanding sisters.

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