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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Back to Hong Kong, after an 18mo hiatus

Thanks to baby #3 I've had a break from Hong Kong for 18 months but alas they need me so I'm headed back.

Here are the things I've forgotten, in the order of which I remembered them:

1. Retainer - can't go 2 weeks w/o that! Will need husband to drop off to my office to mail on Monday.

2. Toothbrush - replaced in airport.

3. Laptop - left on the security table, lady behind me brought it to me.

4. People Magazine - left on first plane but managed to go back and get it.

5. Left my phone charger in yellow bag that now resides in the overhead compartment about 3 rows forward. Not an insurmountable challenge but a rookie mistake.

6.  Found a corroded battery in my Bose headphones.  I guess I'd forgotten to remove the battery from maybe 2 years ago?  Removed it with tweezers and tried to clean it out with a napkin.  Spares not working.

Sigh! Hope that's all!!

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