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Friday, June 01, 2012

Things I can get done while holding a baby

 Most of this done with baby in a sling.

1.  Make rice.
2.  Load the dishwasher.
3.  Write blog post.
4.  Load and unload laundry.
5.  Defuse volatile situations with older kids.
6.  Make spaghetti sauce
7.  Pick up dog poop (with a bag of course).
8.  Prepare older kids snacks which involves making toasted peanut butter & jelly along with two cuts of cheese.
9.  Iced Mocha
10. Lift 30lb Sam out of his high chair, I get him to stand first and then just have to grab him around the waist - okay tried once, not going to do this again
11. Lift Charlotte and Sam (separately) in and out of the shopping cart - although I don't think I'll be repeating this one.  I picked up the baby first to stop her from crying but not sure it's worth trying to lift two big kids into a shopping cart even with an infant in a sling.
12.  Push a shopping cart through Target with two big kids inside with one hand.
13.  Put away folded laundry.
14.  Clear the table, rinse dishes and stack dishwasher.

I just hope that I always remember to put my shirt back on after feeding the baby before taking the dog outside to potty.

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