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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Random Tuesday


Hello Random Tuesday followers, I'm hanging in there with 6 week old, going back to the office and finding random blood stain on my semi-new shirt only worn once type week. Oldest is sick with a cold, add her waking me up at night and I feel sniffly myself.  Just need to get through this day hour by hour. 

Random contribution - I've finally given into Instagram and might become the most annoying Facebook poster yet with all my super creative photo uploads.  Oh well, hide me for a week, I'll be over it soon enough :)


Stacy said...

Oh man, a sick kid will always turn into mom being sick - hope your sniffles pass soon and everyone's feeling better even sooner! :)

Love those shots - your kids are Awwww-dorable! :)

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Amanda said...

But Instagram is so. much. fun! Why take a normal, boring picture, when you can use all of those fun filters! I laugh every time I use it...but I really do love the filters.

That said...feel better soon and hope every one else is better soon too.