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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daddy Time

For two years Charlotte had exclusive daddy time (my husband's a stay at home dad).  Then in 2010 we had Sam and she had to share time.  Then in 2012 we had Violette and time got spread even thinner.  She made up for that by playing hard with Sam - so hard that one day a month ago she fell in her room and broke her elbow.  It's been a difficult month for all of us as we deal with her pain and suffering.  When small children are hurting they get very grumpy so it's been an extremely stressful summer!

This past Thursday she got the cast off and just has to wear a splint for a few days.  She's almost better and we are so glad to get things back to normal around here!

Today I suggested she go see the movie "Brave" with her dad so they could have some special time together like they used to.  So off they went at 2pm while I stayed home with the younger two!  It's been so pleasant, Sam slept until 2:30, we cuddled while watching Shawn the Sheep and then I made his lunch which he ate while I fed Violette.

It's been a very quiet afternoon!  I've even gotten some bills done!! 

Maybe next month I'll take Charlotte out for a movie - I hear Ice Age 4 is coming out in July :)

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