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Friday, June 22, 2012

Office "Toilet" Politics

I hate the women's toilet at work with a passion.  It has a weak flush and a tiny hole so anything more than a single strip of toilet tissue is reluctant to exit AND it doesn't want to refill completely leaving the next user to stare angrily at the toilet while it refuses to do it's job, wait a few minutes and reflush or utilize the handy plunger.  Don't worry this is not about to get graphic, this is more about how to deal with the situation in an office environment. 

I've advised office manager, who claims it's fine, you only need to jiggle the handle.  All that jiggling has caused the chain to fall off it's little handle.  Now the handle doesn't work AT ALL forcing the user to life the stupid lid off the back of the toilet, stick hand into the water to fish out chain and force flush the toilet. 

I've tried wrapping the chain around it's handle, I've tried inserting chain into hole of handle, nothing seems to last more than one or two flushes.  I've quietly asked the handiest guy in the office to fix it and he reported it looked fine (meaning the other lady in the office is also attempting to fix the toilet upon each visit and must have tried a temporary fix).


Finally it dawned on me!  A light bulb moment.  I could try using a paper clip to attach the chain to the handle!!  It works!  Now the toilet flushes.  Of course it still has a weak flush and temperamentally refuses to handle more then a single strip of toilet tissue thus requiring a plunger every other visit but at least the handle works!

And now I can return to more pressing matters like toy development and wondering if husband will survive the day with 3 kids because the doctor's appointment ran late and the pre-school doesn't take kids after 10:30am. 


Angie said...

Wow. I thought I had it rough. With construction going on in our building there is only one bathroom for all the women in the building and it gets pretty disgusting but at least the toilets flush (most of the time). Good luck!

Amanda said...

Long time no see. Gah! I'd rather have a brokenish toilet that just have lazy coworkers...for forgetful. Can't say how many times I've walked into see the toilet hasn't even been flushed. Love the paperclip fix though...I'll have to remember that.