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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Random Tuesday

Did anyone see this bit of news from NPR yesterday? A mom in Nashville, TN advertised Lollipop's laced with chicken pox virus for $50.00. That's definitely the strangest news I've seen all week!!!


We recently had our condo painted and had to bring our plants inside for 3-4 days. Husband was concerned about ants getting into our living space so he put our "hardiest" plants out in the garage. Strangely enough 4 died a horrible death. They just completely withered and died within 4 days! Not just died, I mean every single fluffy leaf gone and the tomatoes had been eaten through! We can't figure out what would do this. Is our garage possessed with a killer plant virus??



That's all I got! Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!


Stacy said...

Oh your poor plants! Could it be a light (or not enough of) issue? But that wouldn't explain the devoured part...ugh! What a bummer!!

That mom with the chicken pox lollipops is CRAZY. Of course the people that bought stuff from her are doubly crazy.

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harriet said...

Your plants look a lot like mine did in August :)

Have a great Tuesday!

rubberbacon said...

Sad isn't it! I hate losing plants!!! Thanks for stopping by.

rubberbacon said...

yeah I'm really puzzled, I would have accepted heat/light failure but devoured tomatoes? That's just creepy! And it happened over Halloween!!!

RantRaveRoll said...

Maybe it was shock. Sometimes drastic changes in sunlight, temperature, etc can kill them. Poor plants.

Amanda said...

You definitely have me beat on the plants...that's kind of crazy.

rubberbacon said...

Shock? I didn't think of that. Should have told hubby to leave the lights on!!! Thanks for stopping by!

rubberbacon said...

Yep, sure had me confused!

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