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Friday, November 18, 2011

LIFE - after 15mo returns (hold me)

Sam is back (my 15mo old)! After a two week trip to Texas with his Mema he has made a grand return with more energy then any of us remember. Seriously folks, go without a 15mo for two weeks and you might be tricked into thinking life is a breeze. Your three year old is content to quietly draw, watch movies and read books for hours with no shouting at anyone for control of whatever she's obsessed with. Only the occasional drama of finding a lost toy or correct Netflix cartoon. Suddenly you have time to clean and keep a house clean. Time to cook and finish 1st daughters baby book! Time to stop and plan the future with husband in a relaxed unfrazzled manor.

Then The Boy returns and ALL HELL breaks loose. Toys are strewn everywhere as far as the eye can see. Competition for toys is fierce and many battles break out. Competition for attention from dad (recipient of first day home with both kids) rages throughout the day with The Boy alternating to clinging to dad like velcro and slinging toys around with wild abandon. Refusal of naps intensifies the drama culminating in The Boy's first slap at sister! That's right, he hit his sister for the first time. He came back with major attitude! Don't worry, we don't lay any blame on TX family for this startling change. Oh no, we have past experience with 15mo attitude and we were anticipating it but still - shock and disbelief remain.

So I'm home from work. I've switched off with husband for our mid-day Friday swap. I get off at 1:30 he leaves for work at 2:00. And I wait, I wait for my children to wake from their naps and go at it full force again. I got my swat gear on and afternoon snacks planned out.

Deep breath mama. You CAN do this!

ps. photo post nap

"What? You don't want all sheets on the floor?"


Tara said...

LOL!! Rachel: I laughed so hard! Sounds like a routine experience at my house...--Tara

rubberbacon said...

Thanks Tara, I think I'm finally experience the drama you've known well would come my way!!!

Gina said...

He is a doll! How can you get mad at that face???? Not to scare you, but there isn't a whole lot of difference between a toddler boy and a teenage boy! ;)

rubberbacon said...

Then he better keep that sweet face through teen-hood, it may be the only thing that saves him!

Kim said...

Boys are an adventure aren't they?