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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Tuesday: A 3 year olds curious movie references

How often do you find yourself, as an adult, struggling to remember what movie "so and so" acted in. You find yourself saying things like, it had that guy who's bald and always acts in extreme adventure movies and his name is....... At this point a friend might helpfully chime in Jason Statham!

However, a three year old has less ways to reference her favorite movie, and a parent would do careful justice to watch all movies at least 2-3 times to catch all obscure references a 3 year old might remember and thus demand said movie by obscure title.

Key examples (as experienced just this past week):

"Mama, mama I want to watch "The Hand" movie." Huh? Honey, go ask daddy, I don't know of any movie with a hand in it. Daddy unfortunately has no visual memory of a movie predominately displaying a hand. Finally, mystery solved as we discover "Flushed Away" tucked away in an oft used DVD player and our joyful daughter demands to watch it twice in one day. Finally, we get to the scene where the little boat disappears down the falls and waves back at it's owner. Finally, my daughter shouts out with glee, THE HAND! Thus solving a cinematic mystery for her parents. Breath big sigh of relief.

Another example only requires a little background knowledge. Yesterday there was a demand for "Shrek Tinkerbell". Apparently in the Netflix offering of Dreamworks scary episodes, one titled "The Ghost of Lord Farquaad" has Tinkerbell and Shrek. A quick phone call to husband solved this one, thus an another afternoon was saved.

Sigh! The things we go through to keep our darlings happy!!!

On a totally different subject, here is a still life created by our daughter. We call it "Bear at campfire".

Have a great Tuesday!


VandyJ said...

I'm still trying to decipher some of Bruiser's demands for videos to watch. It takes lots of trial and error sometimes.

Gina said...

I LOVE the Bear at a Camfore pic! Classic! I don't remember any movie mysteries when my kids were little. They would just chant: "Jungle Book! Jungle Book!"

rubberbacon said...

Thanks Gina! Glad you missed the movie mysteries! They are driving me slightly batty!!!

rubberbacon said...

Hi Vandy - Glad it's not only happening to me!

RantRaveRoll said...

Oooh... Jason Statham! My husband can quote lines from movies verbatim. A bit annoying sometimes. My kids had the same odd names for movies when they were little. Perception is a funny thing.

Caterina said...

My boys watch the same movies over and over and over. Sad but true :( And so they know the titles very well. No deciphering necessary. The words 'Tangled' and 'CARS2' come out of my almost 3 y/o quite clearly. *Sigh*

rubberbacon said...

Well that makes it easy!!! I'm jealous, well except for the part about likely getting tired of watching the same movies over and over. Yikes!!!

rubberbacon said...

Okay that made me laugh! The part about quoting Jason Statham!!! Too funny.

Tarafor2 said...

Sammy's into the "B-Bug" movie. Translation: "A Bug's Life." And also the "Weed" movie w/Alpred (Veggie Tales: Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed with Alfred, his assistant.) Evelyn's growing out of some of the obscure references, lol. Though every now and then, she has one...eeee