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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fight Indifference with Empathy

This past week the news has been saturated with stories about the Penn State sex scandal. I've read the various stories of parties involved with the usual disgust but what stood out the most in this case was indifference of those who protected the pedophile and moral decline of the Penn state students who protested and rioted the firing of the protector, Joe Pa.

Indifference - lack of difference or distinction between two or more things
My moral barometer is horrified that these students misunderstood the social and legal justice in firing a man like Joe Pa. They seemed to only care about losing a winning coach. What will become of these students who care not if a man protects a pedophile? What kind of adults will they be?

I pondered indifference for several days.
It's easy to stand in judgment of such an egregious act of indifference.

It's harder to admit the indifference in my own life. Indifference for the Facebook friend who is in such constant daily extreme back pain that I forget to pray for her healing. Indifference for the random prayer requests strangers throw out on Twitter. Indifference for the child who knocks on my door one night to ask for bread, why didn't I follow up with her the next day to make sure she was okay?

I realize these daily indiscretions pale in comparison to disregard for sexual abuse but my bigger concern is to challenge myself to more empathy for children and those who are suffering. I don't want to be the person who misses obvious clues of abuse. I don't want to be the absent minded parent trusting a potential predator. I want to be vigilant for those around me.

Vigilant - alertly watchful especially to avoid danger
Dear Lord,
I pray for an empathic heart towards children you have placed in my life and those who are suffering. Increase my capacity to love and care for these dear ones. Give me the wisdom to know when to stand up for those in need.
In your name, Amen


Caterina said...

Absent-minded and forgetfulness is one thing. Eye witness to a CHILD RAPE and not following through....calling the police......!!!!! Completely UNFORGIVABLE.

There are thousands of opinions out there right now. Commentaries online, in print, on TV, etc. Everyone can say what they want about college football and university loyalty --- which this is NOT ABOUT --- but if I saw what those people saw WITH MY VERY OWN EYES, well, I would not be able to rest until that abuser was punished.

They should be ashamed of themselves. The NCAA should be ashamed of itself. And every administrator and adult involved should be totally ashamed.

rubberbacon said...

I agree. I just can't understand that guys part in all this.