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Monday, November 14, 2011

Multitude Monday - Thankfulness

Last week I spent every day at home with Charlotte and husband, recovering from a cold that turned into bronchitis. I worked from home so I wouldn't fall behind on work duties, and it was lovely to do so in a home environment. While I'm thankful to be better, I'll miss being home this week as I go back to the office.

In no particular order - haven't applied make up for one week, wore yoga pants most days, had frequent snacks and meals on time without interruption to discuss random work topics, took naps when I needed to, had lunch with family every day at noon sharp, didn't shave legs for a week and had dinner every day by 6. What a great schedule! It's alot of work to get a body "office ready" plus on a schedule that accommodates family meals!!!

And with that, I'll jump right into my list of 1000 things I'm thankful for:

217 - that white blood cells work in my body and this cold is finally going away!
218 - $1.00 bag of discount oranges
219 - fresh squeezed orange juice on a Wednesday morning outside on the porch, with home made cranberry bread and tea.
220 - daughter whispering stories into my ear, randomly throughout the week.
221 - Christmas outreach programs and how they give us a chance to give compassion to total strangers in another continent.
222 - a comfortable home where I have wifi and can work in any room when necessary.
223 - a comfortable bed piled high with 4 pillows so I can breath when I have a bad cold
224 - extra time while baby boy is in Texas, to file a year's worth of paperwork that's been nagging me for months.
225 - extra time while baby boy is gone to clean every room of the house.

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