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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Working Mommy Wednesday

This week's prompt:

What tools or habits do you use to keep organized?

My favorite tool is Outlook folders. I file every email I receive in a folder system that is: Clientname with sub folder of project name. I only file the email once it's been read and action-ed/answered/etc. Beyond this, I have client charts with all current projects listed. Go through it several times a week.

Have a great Wednesday ladies!


kt moxie said...

Your Outlook inbox sounds beautifully organized! My is a giant pile at the moment...

Gina said...

Same with me. I file in Outlook folders only after it's read and action done. It gives me anxiety to see lots of emails in my inbox because that means I have lots of work to do!

Julia Ladewski said...

i need to do that more with my emails, but I just leave them in my inbox and get overwhelmed. ;)