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Thursday, August 11, 2011

England - missed the riots!

Not the England I was expecting. I've been here in 2006 and 2008 and recall it as one of my favorite cities. This time we've seen the riots in the news all week and got increasingly nervous by Wednesday. Boss canceled our hotel stay in London and we took several trains to reach Fleet, England, about an hour into the country side. Didn't see any signs of rioting on our way through London.

I've never spent time in the country side of England before. It's quite beautiful. We started at the Four Seasons where boss's sister works, she treated us to late lunch. It's a stunning property with horses and bicycles. Perhaps the place you might read about famous people visiting for holiday in the countryside. Not that his sister can divulge that kind of information.

We spent the night at his sister's place, she would have been offended to put us up in her hotel. This was somewhat perplexing considering there was one working shower for four adults. I spent the morning wondering when it was appropriate to take a shower. I must have waited too long because we reached the train one minute before departure.

London was not as interesting as before. With only an afternoon to shop and a boss's shoes hurting him, we visited the Disney Store, Carters and Nike. I found some cute stuff at Carter's for my kids and an umbrella for Charlotte at the Disney Store. Nothing London related at Nike, they got ride of all the city specific lines. Too bad.

Now I'm back in the country side at 6pm waiting for sister and roommate to get home so we can eat dinner. Tomorrow I leave at noon. Looks like Paris was the highlight. Wish I had more time to visit blogger friend Grit's Day but just couldn't seem to work out the timing. Turns out, we are 1 hour from each other!!


Julia Ladewski said...

ugh, so jealous of your adventure!!

(and thank you for leaving a comment on my hub's blog... he was so excited!!)

Amanda said...

So glad that you missed the riots...or at least stayed away from them.

I would like to pass this award onto you The Versatile Blogger Award. To find out more about it, please visit http://www.myramblings.ca/?p=2508

Miss. C said...

Sounds so fun!! I have never been over there, but would love to!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

So I'll be going to London...and Paris soon. Any suggestions for our visit?

Grit said...

rachel, we will catch you yet in england for sightseeing purposes!