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Monday, August 01, 2011

Trip to Paris

Strolls into bosses office, asks "um, would it be okay to leave my computer behind during our Paris trip next week?"

Boss looks in horror like I've suggested employing child labor. "No, you cannot leave your computer behind, this is a WORKING trip".

But we are going to be walking a lot, going into stores and not having much time on the computer anyway. Less to pack right?

Clearly I've not thought this one through. No computer means no SKYPE time with family and Facebook! I can't live without social media! What was I thinking???

Thank you boss for saving me from myself.


Amanda said...

Even if it IS a working trip...I am sooo jealous! :D
And the header...man-o-war still make me squirm. I remember seeing them on the beach when I was younger and having the water "closed" because of them. YUCK!

Amanda said...

And...how have I not been following your blog until now?! That's been fixed.

R. Molder said...

Ha ha, thanks Amanda! Have a great Tuesday!!!