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Sunday, August 07, 2011

So this is Paris?

It is as I had hoped it would be. Very few American brands. Sure you have the token McDonalds on the Champs Elysees but Starbucks could only be found on the inside of a building, in other words, it didn't have an outward facing sign. Other than these two, I didn't see any other mainstream American restaurants - to which I'm eternally thankful. Nothing more disappointing than seeing your own food pop up every where you go.

We started our day at a lovely cafe that served breakfast that seemed to be in Parisian territory, not tourist zoned. During our hour long stay we watched as families would pass us, then 15-20 minutes later pass again with baguette. I noted baguettes stuffed into backpacks, purses, in arms - none ever with paper. We are such a paper society in the US, everything wrapped in paper.

Post breakfast we walked from noon - 5pm! Just walked and walked around the city, saw the Eiffel tower, line was too long to actually go up but it was really neat walking under it. I'm not sure I ever really appreciated the architectural value until I stood under it and exclaimed "it's like a park UNDER the tower, how cool is that"! The space is so open and friendly under the tower with it's broad legs heading 4 directions and made of steel bars that you can see through that it just seems like a giant sculpture, with beautiful arches and giant feet to stand on. The surrounding area is a giant park filled with people lolling about on the grass. I amused myself by taking odd angle photos of the tower.

Directly across from the tower was a festival where we had lunch of the most amazing sausage link and onion sandwiches one could hope to have. The smell alone brought us into the area.

Did I mention the weather yet? While we roast back home in the 90's, it's 70 max here! Just an absolutely perfect day for a stroll outside.

So aside from little sleep on the plane and quite tired from walking all day, I'm really enjoying myself.


Amy Sullivan said...

First off, you look beautiful!

Second, I'd love to share that yummy drink, pull a bagel out of my purse, and hang with you right now.

rapunzel said...

Sounds like great fun! Hope you continue to have a wonderful time and share more fab pictures. :)

R. Molder said...

Thanks Amy and Rapunzel!