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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Working Mommy Wednesday

Linking to awesome working mom blogger Julia @ Work, Wife, Mom, Life, this weeks prompts are: #1- Do you typically run early, on time, or late?

I run late for everything - work, church, flights, meeting up with friends - everything!!! I'm trying to get better but it's chronic problem of planning too much in one day. Maybe if I had less to do I'd be on time?

#2- A major boo-boo... A time your child/baby got hurt... and how you were a little more careful next time.

Recently I was in the doctor's office and they have this list of short movies to watch while waiting. One was child proofing. It only suggested the following:
  • Make sure crib does not have blankets or soft toys that can smother a child
  • Cover electrical sockets
  • Make sure crib bars are correct width apart so baby can't get his head stuck - um really? I think these days cribs are really tight on safety measures!
Nothing was listed by which Charlotte's managed to get her self hurt with:

1st major injury - under 1
* We had a room divider pressed up against a wall, just waiting to be taken out to the garage. Charlotte rammed it with her walker and it fell straight down on her as she backed furiously out of the way, just bonking her on the head as it fell.

2nd major injury - 13mo
* We had this hanging plant in her bedroom and every day the leaves got a little bit longer until one day she finally reached up, tugged on a leaf and the entire thing came down on her head. Sad photo here.

3rd major injury - 18mo
* Sitting at dinner with friends, Charlotte was on the chair next to me and probably lurched to get down, got a shoe stuck and plummeted head first to the floor, I caught her by one foot before she landed. I received applause from the table, and probably redeemed myself for earlier two infractions.

I'm sure there's been more but these stand out the most in my mind.

At this point, Sam's 9mo and has had ZERO injuries. Maybe we got better at parenting?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's good to know we're not the only one with boo-boos. My son always manages to hurt himself in ways I've never expect.

Have a great day.