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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

2009 Family Reunion

To date this is my favorite photo of us together.

I have no secrets, my mom reads this blog. What can I say that she doesn't already know about me? Well I guess I can tell other readers that she was a great mom! And I can share some of the really great stuff she did with my two brothers and I.

* We used to visit a Mennonite farm and get fresh milk once a week. We'd play with the little kids that lived on the farm and help mom press all the cool gadgets that released the milk. As an adult, I think it's important to know a little bit about how milk is processed and where it comes from. Seeing the cows, riding down that long lane, seeing the farmer with his wife and kids. It's a nice memory.

* My mom has been a school teacher for almost 50 years. This means she had summers off with us every year. She took us to various farms to pick strawberries and other fruit. We had our own garden both our parents put us to work pulling weeds, planting seeds, picking food when it was ripe and canning or freezing it. I remember pitting cherries for hours. I got tired of it and would occasionally throw in a few with the pits still in. We must have canned enough cherries for years because every year after that, when mom would make a cherry pie, it would have a few pits in it.

* When I got lice - several times - my mom would make me sit at the kitchen table and laboriously comb through every strand of my hair. I had thick hair, down to my waist! This was no easy task!!!

* She made Lasagna for every birthday because it's my favorite food.

* She taught me how to bake and cook from a very young age. I bake today without much effort. I get really confused when people tell me they don't know how to bake, then I remember baking with my mother every single weekend. Pies, cookies, donuts, breads, etc. It's second nature. And you should see the stuff my younger brother makes! He's like a 5 star chef with his cookies, home made ice cream and candy!!

Having mom as a teacher was a priceless gift in getting summers off with her. Even as we got older and had busy schedules with our friends in the summer, we could always come home to a kitchen buzzing with good food and a loving happy mom.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!! You are priceless.

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Caterina said...

This was beautiful! Hope you had a lovely mother's day.