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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the 13th

Sam, you decided to OWN this day. Before I even left for work you managed to get two of your sister's Squinkies into your mouth - to those who are unfamiliar with this toy it's a tiny figure smaller than a quarter.

After seeing one pop out of your mouth I fished around and found a 2nd in your chubby cheeks.

Friday was a short work day, I was home by 2:00pm to pass your father who left for work. In the next 30 minutes you managed to find a tiny pink button on the floor and pop it in your mouth, followed by a small wedge of wood and a fishing expedition in the dogs water bowl. You then went on to tip over the trash can and root around for more stuff to eat. I swear we feed you, the doctor says you are 20.75lbs at 9mo.

Desperate to keep you from ingesting small items I finally parked you on my lap while I quickly searched for an email on our new laptop. With lightening fast speed you lunged for the keyboard, removed the letter Z and popped it in your mouth!

You son, are on notice!


Amy Sullivan said...

Ohhh, we know squeakies! Those things are as bad as a Polly Pocket shoe! I can't believe he swiped "Z", too!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Rachel.

Cat said...
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Cat said...

Ha,ha,ha....you mentioned the dog's water bowls and it reminded me. While my boys never ever bother with 'em now, they BOTH were fascinated with Buster's food & water bowls when they were crawling. Ugh, I hated it! They would splash around in it as if it was a kiddie pool :D

kt moxie said...

Squinkies are evil! We have a ton of those little things around the house. I'm constantly finding them everywhere!

amanda @ Rambling of an Empty Mind said...

I may just have to share this post with my principal. If your 9 mo can pop off a laptop key, really is there any surprise with the number of keys that seem to go missing off the laptops we have at school? :)