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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday - random thoughts

my pets don't get much mention on this blog, it's because their life is routine - not much changes. But this week we got some photos of their attempt to change things up a bit.

Sharing baby's new water toy - hmmm better move it before it gets holes like the last water toy

Zorak has lost enough weight to jump up on the garage stool - does he still look fat to you? well he's lost 3+ pounds and that's 20% of his body weight!

Oooh and now he can fit in the Amazon box! Don't ya just love it when weight loss let's you wear slimmer things?

Today I went shopping with baby to try clothing on my newly slimmed body - it was far more fun then 1 month ago - bought 3 blouses for under $50 total!

I might add that since I've been sick for 3 days, missed 12 miles of walking and been eating comfort mac n' cheese and chocolate eclairs. Monday I'll jump back on the work out wagon!

I have a business trip to LA soon and was desperate for some decent clothing. Here in S. Florida we dress really casual to the office, sandals, tank tops (the nice kind from Ann Tailor) so I'm not in the habit of dressing "well". I tend to freak out a bit every time I have to fly somewhere. Hence the emergency shopping trip.

Went to Pearl Vision today to fix my glasses after baby head butted me, crushing them against my left eye.

Baby has taken to bouncing her face off the bed (we have a mattress on her floor), it's kinda disturbing. She finishes with a big grin so it must be fun.

I haven't tried my SoniCare toothbrush yet - chronic laziness rules my life! Will also start Monday.

Baby is napping now, I think I will join her while there is still time.


Unknown said...

hi there! thanks for coming by my place, by way of cheeky lotus (who i think is hilarious!). i love the beach...where in south florida do you live? your baby is so cute, and you are a toy designer? wow. yes, by all means, get thee to the beach whenever possible; tis a balm to my soul. i feel fortunate to be able to walk there but i'd drive, too. are you a native floridian? am in michigan at the moment, missing my first beach love, Lake Michigan! Spent about three hours on that beach today!

Anonymous said...

in defense of the kitties? The water toy looks like an awesome place to relaaaaax. They are cute... just not quite as cute as Charlotte.

R. Molder said...

Hi Jeannie - ha ha lots of questions. Here's the answers:
1. Fort Lauderdale
2. Yep, design toys, mostly licensed stuff which means I work on spec from client's request, like "make a big face cushion of the top 10 Disney characters" or "make a singing frog for the new Princess and the Frog movie". Stuff like that.
3. I am from Maryland, the part far away from the beach so didn't go until I was 13, loving every minute of it here.

Hi CeCe - thanks, the kitties need some love around here!

crazywildberry said...

Cute pic with cats. I have one of those with a dolphin's head and it squeaks every time you push in the nose. That would keep the cats off or the laughter rolling!

Zorak looks thinner than I remember him, however, it appears he should be going on some of those walks with you! LOL

Good job on your weight loss. However, I think you look great! Is this weight loss since the pic you posted on here of you at char's birthday party?

D (my older daughter) likes to belly slam her daddy. It's quite hilarious to watch.

Get those teeth cleaned! Just think of your toothless mouth at fifty and maybe that will motivate you. No, I am not a perfectionist as far as my teeth are concerned either. Your teeth are the only set you have, so take care of them, hun! :)