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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Minor Altercation with neighbors

I live next to the party condo; their friends and neighbors gather to drink and laugh regularly. Before I had the baby they would stay up VERY late and get obnoxiously drunk. By day they are very sweet and I really like them - I just don't have a life where I can join in the merriment. Since having they baby they've been really responsibly quiet until last Friday night.

Coming off a rough 3 day cold, husband gets up at 6am and I can't sleep. I've already taken one sleeping pill and it's not working. The music pounds next door - actually it wasn't that loud but I was freaking out as I always do when I can't sleep and have alot to do really early!

So I went out and yelled "hey, can you turn the music down?" and they did.

The next day was awkward, whereas I may not normally not smile and wave after every single pass of their porch today felt odd, how do I tell them I'm not upset, I was just really sick and couldn't sleep? I couldn't tell if they were studiously ignoring me.

A week went by and finally yesterday I caught my neighbors eye and she profusely apologized and swore to never play the radio again to which I said it's okay!

And now things are back to normal.

1 comment:

crazywildberry said...

Glad to hear that everything ended ok. There have been many time that I have wanted to do the same thing, just don't have the courage to do anything. My neighbors have parties that go from afternoon to late at night. The music isn't loud it's the people. Loud talkers, loud laughters, etc. Funny things is he's in his 70's and she's at least 60. Makes me laugh. I hope at that age people want to party with me too. :)