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Saturday, July 04, 2009

pre 4th of July

This year 4th of July falls on a Saturday, which means the government mandated holiday (to all companies with full time employees) is null and void. There are two types of companies in this country: 1 - is a kind generous company who feels their employees should still get a day off and 2 - does not give a free day off (probably grits it's teeth and says I give too much anyway). I work for the latter type.

In a fit of mid-day desperation to be anywhere but work I called husband and requested a 5pm picnic on the beach complete with vanilla cheesecake with fruit on top. Would you believe that lovely man of mine complied? He's the best!

Evenings at the beach are lovely. We saw a rainbow, set up the umbrella when it rained lightly, once it stopped one of us went snorkeling (the one who brought the cheese cake of course) and baby had a smashing time playing in the wet cool sand. Oh and I had the opportunity to do my first Reach-inside-her-mouth-and-scoop-out-a-shell! I did quite well thank you, no panic, just reach, finger swipe in circular motion and comfort crying baby afterward who has mouth full of sand.

On with the photos:

Who says Mohawks are for boys?

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