Friday, July 24, 2009

Commitment to dress better for work

One of the perks at work is DirecTV. We are supposed to watch cartoons but Nickelodeon replays the same SpongeBob & Madagascar cartoons over and over every day. You'd think that out of 10 years of SpongeBob they could show a little variety??? So we've moved on to shows like Cash Cab, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, E News, Discovery channel, Animal Planet and our all time favorite - "What Not To Wear". We've become hooked on this show and due to watching 3 shows a day, I've started to get self conscience of the claw clip I wear in my hair every other day, pony tails, generally not wearing my hear down because I haven't had a hair cut in 4 months and with super curly hair it means it's out of control and looks crazy when down. So tomorrow I'm getting a hair cut and hopefully next week as I travel to LA and Orlando I'll look sharp and pulled together with all the tips I've learned on "What Not To Wear".

Now if I could just get someone to nominate me for that show! A $5,000 shopping spree in New York City would be awesome and I wouldn't cry for my current wardrobe, throw a giant fit that nothing fits and beg the hair stylist to not cut too much like the current ungrateful participants.

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