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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Dental Hygienist VS me

I must admit, I'm not a model citizen when it comes to tooth care. I'm reminded of this every time I visit the dentist. I put it off as long as possible, cringing at the guaranteed tongue lashing but too lazy to actually try to impress her by flossing daily.

Nidya was in rare form today; Chinese born Venezuelan she speaks with a sweet kind Latin accent but with the steely command of woman in charge. She's not prepared to take another day of my lazy crap. First she shows me a Sonic Care toothbrush while I yawn and pretend to be interested, then she combs through my 3 year history and points out my gums have bleed on every single visit, she then commences with the cleaning while holding up a mirror and pointing out every single pocket that is 3-4mm deep!?!, she pulls out a DVD player to demonstrate the horrors of gum disease, I tell her I'm considering adult braces and she recoils in horror and says I MUST FIX MY GUMS FIRST! She actually tells me I must prove to her that I can take care of my teeth before I can get braces. Oh my!

Nidya wins this round - I buy the Sonic Care toothbrush and vow to make Nidya proud.

disclaimer - I was not paid by SoniCare to promote this product, I see I didn't even spell it right above.

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BrettBuen said...

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