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Monday, January 12, 2009

Trip to LA

Recently I was going to bed at 10pm which means I can get up with enough time to exercise in morning and get to work on time. I was so close, literally on my way to bed when I received an urgent phone call. Trip to LA is needed and you must book the flight now because it's in one week and flights skyrocket the following day. I spent the next 2 hours looking for a reasonable flight and finally called boss and enlisted his support because my brain turned to mush and I figured he needed to authorize cost anyway - and maybe stay up late as well.

The following day I did not exercise and got to work late.

One week later, I did not exercise on Monday because I needed to pack and spend extra time with baby. Tuesday I could not possibly exercise because I was running late for work after continuing to pack the following morning and got to work late.

Wednesday - got up for flight at 3:45am. Thanks to baby, I've been getting up at this time for almost 7 months to pump milk so I'm quite adjusted to functioning at this time yet would you believe I still found reason to run late for 6:20 flight and had to rely on miles gold status to get me to the front of the security line?

Flight to connection Dallas - slept. Flight to LA read 2nd book in Twilight series, got half way through book.

Got to LA at 11:15am, pumped milk in airport bathroom. LA based co-worker picked me up and we went to Pasadena. Oh how I love Pasadena. Such a pretty town with the mountains in background. Our meetings didn't start until 3:30 so we had 3 lovely hours to kill. We went to an amazing Italian restaurant where I got a dish of sausage, potatoes, chicken and peppers in a red sauce with angel hair pasta. It sounded a bit odd, who puts potatoes with a pasta dish but the sauce pulled the whole thing together. Afterwards we went to my favorite coffee shop, Coffee Bean and Tealeaf. Oh why don't they have this chain in S. Florida?

After the meeting we went to Hollywood where my co-worker used to live and knows all the hot restaurants. I can't remember the name but it was some Shee Shee Hollywood restaurant and I commandeered their bathroom to pump milk. Ha! Again, my friend has great taste in food. We had cheese and chorizo starters followed by a delicate dish of Yellow Tail with pomegranate berries and avocado.

The following day I was left to my own devices, no meetings and flight didn't leave until 1:40pm. Staying on the LA hotel strip without a rental car and no personal budget presented a challenge until I spied the trolley for $3.00 to Manhattan Beach, mall or other shopping center. I've never heard of it but it must have breakfast that is better then the hotel. 9am I'm outside waiting for the trolley until I realized I was supposed to pay for ticket at hotel. Back to hotel to get ticket and rush up to room to pack while waiting for next one. Weather is comfortable and enjoy the breeze. Back outside at 9:45 it feels a bit brisker, finally catch trolley and find it full of Brits in shorts and t-shirts. Seriously do they ever get cold? I've got my shawl wrapped tight and thinking I should have brought a sweater. As I ponder this two little boys discuss the finer points of Star Wars bad guys. My favorite line "Darth Maul is definitely worser then Darth Vader" he says with the cutest accent.

I tap through my phone at work emails (I should make some pretense at working on a "work" trip) when I spot a glorious sight - FOG! When I lived in LA I used to love the fog. It wraps everything in a lovely white cloud and you know the beach is out there but you can't see it. You know it will lift as soon as the sun hammers it by 11 but until then the fog rules!

I spot the perfect breakfast place as we pull into the beach stop. Uncle Bob's Pancake House. But first I'm freezing. Something to consider when going to any beach - it's colder. Duh! I've only lived on both coasts! I duck into Lucky Brand to buy a sweater at 50% off. Does this wreak my budget - no, I still have Christmas money! Buy lovely deep red sweater and wrap up tight. I'm feeling quite pleased with myself and the only thing that will put me over the top with self gloating is a good breakfast.

Jackpot! The place is packed and there is one seat left at the bar. There's a bar in a breakfast stop? Who cares, I cozy in between two patrons and request coffee. Portions look huge! I could order pancakes but husband and I are quite good at these. I can't make omelettes very well and love a good one. Settle on avocado, jack cheese and sausage. I'm not disappointed, I think they shoved an entire avocado in there. They give me two muffins - those go with me thank you very much.

I ate until I felt the need to roll down the next hill.

The fog is lifting. I have 15 minutes left to run down the hill to the beach. Ah the surfers are out. One stumbles past me to say his suit has broken.

I sigh and sadly walk back up the hill to catch the trolley.

On the way back to the hotel we pick up the same Brits at the mall. I guess they only had an hour and used it shopping. Sure why not take advantage of the exchange rate while it lasts! But the beach was definitely a better choice!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I haven't been to the beach in a few years. I hope to get there this summer - I miss it.

Hope your next trip goes well.

screamish said...

i love the way you talk about the food you ate on that trip, love the sound of the peppers, potatoes, sausage pasta....