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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Initial steps towards financial freedom

January 3rd - 3 days into the year, lets see how we've done!

I came home from work on Friday to find all the lights off and husband making dinner by hurricane lamp light. All the windows were open to save air conditioning. The light in the living room has a slider so you can control the amount of light and a piece of tape is over half the slider so I can't put the light at full blast. He also turned off all plugs throughout the house that just hum away at energy consumption - including baby's wipe warmer - yes, baby needs to contribute as well. We live in Florida, how warm do wipes really need to be?

Husband gets an A+ for effort.

At my work, we have 9 employee's including the boss. For everyone's birthday, the office goes out to lunch together and does group pay for that persons birthday. The person always picks an expensive restaurant and we end up paying $14 - 15 for lunch. It sucks - seriously, one day into my commitment of saving money and I have to go out to lunch. I had actually planned to get the cheapest thing on the menu, like soup, and then later that afternoon heat up a lunch from home. I caved and got a hamburger and sweet potato fries.

I get a D- for effort.

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