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Saturday, January 03, 2009

I suspect daughter is trying to wean herself

by eating for one minute and then hurling herself dramatically the opposite direction to stare at the floor, ceiling etc. She does this at almost every feeding. Normally I'd say lets tough it out until she gets hungry but when we went in for her 6th month appointment she had gained 1/2 pound in two months. Husband and I are doing everything we can thing of to shove calories into this little girl and she seems to willfully want to stay skinny. It's driving me crazy. Is it a tooth coming in? Discovery of everything new and exciting in our home? Gas? It is probably all of the above but I know on January 19th she's going back to the doctor's for 2nd flu shot and she better have gained one pound or I'm going to start feeding her white potatoes and corn laced with sugar and butter.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good luck.

It is hard to get them to eat when they don't want to. I struggle with my son.

FYI - I gave you a bloggy award in my most recent post.

Happy New Year!