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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charlotte's favorite toys

As a toy designer, I have taken great interest in the toys my daughter plays with. I haven't bought a pile of toys, only a small collection that she seems pleased with. Beyond the toys she prefers adult items like our remote controls, cell phones, car keys and the computer keyboard which have only surprised me in that I thought babies took interest in the parents stuff much later.

So here they are in order of current preference:

1. Sally Doll

2. 22" Lumpy plush (which is much bigger then her but she enjoys wrestling it to the ground)

3. Computer keyboard

4. Grocery List that has been snatched from counter

And when done with paper she still enjoys her Fisher Price piano (inspired after she took interest in the computer keyboard) and a giraffe rattle that my friend got from Peru.


crazywildberry said...

Kids love anything with buttons. Keyboards are a must for them.

By the way, she is looking more and more like you every time I see pictures of her! It will be interesting to see her at 15-16 years old. Around the same age that I met you. But, that is a long time in coming. No need to rush! I bet time is speeding by you as it is. Can you believe that she is already 7 months old?! WOW!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute - great pictures.

My son loves all kitchen gadgets - measuring spoons will entertain him for hours. He is also one of those kids that likes the box better than the toy that came in it most of the time.

Grit said...

paper! paper! paper! ours loved paper & cardboard boxes. i used to buy rolls of metallic giftwrap paper, spread it out around the front room, and they would crawl under it & along it. best of all, the metallic stuff doesn't tear easily, so i would put them on one end and pull them along with the other. when that was done, the highly reflective material made a great surface for finger painting and for reflection / distortion work in general.

god i was creative. where did it go ???!!!

screamish said...

too incredibly cute those photos