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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm having balance problems - part 2

The cats will not stop throwing up on my couches, pillows and floor. Fortunately the dog tries to be helpful when it lands on the floor.

Sunday evening I found a bump the size of a quarter and raised up 1/4" on the back of daughters head. Not one to freak out, I told husband and we both quietly seethed. The following day husband took her to the doctor who told us to get a CT scan. Long story short, I left work and got to spend an afternoon with daughter and husband and she's fine. Nurse called today to say it's nothing. That irritated me because a bump is SOMETHING! Fortunately friend at work has pediatric nurse mom and we called her. She said it's probably lymph modes because she's so skinny.

Daughter's gained 1/2 lb in 3 weeks. Not the pound I was hoping for but I'll take it.

Work is chaotic. Last week we had a girl fight at work between Girl A in my dept. and Girl B in another department. I've carefully negotiated a cease fire by taking each aside for discussion, afterward there was another minor flair up when Girl B told my Girl A that she had no manners on AOL chat. Managed to smooth that over. Now trying to maintain a wave of calm as I go to work putting on my super happy face to keep spirits up.

My personal budget is on target!

I have not found time to exercise yet this year.

Tonight I came home from work just in time to pass husband on his way out the door to teach a class. Daughter immediately insisted on going to sleep and as much as I'd like to spend the evening with her, I can't deny a secret glee in having an evening off to make cookies, blog and read book 3 in the Twilight series. I think some Godiva chocolate might also be nice.


Anonymous said...

Glad you got a night off - everybody deserves one now and then.

Hope everything really is "nothing" with your daughter.

Grit said...

well don't feel too bad about not fitting in an exercise schedule ... this looks like a pretty hectic life to me! cuddles for daughter. i cling to the mantra 'kids get ill quickly, kids get better quickly'. that equation sort of works, mostly.

screamish said...

what is the twilight series?? whole eveneings off are good...Ive recently had those, after a year or so of insolnia then newborn baby duty.

yeah teh cat thing. I used to love our cat, now mummy hormones have made me hate him. he insists on peeing etc then running over furniture with kitty litter paws making me twitch from the lack of hygeine. I did love my cat but baby hormones have destroyed it...sad...

R. Molder said...

The Twilight series is a 4 book Vampire set. The first book was recently made into a movie. The books are extremely addictive so plan to drop the babies off with dad and depart for an entire day!

Ah the cats! I'm lucky to have a garage so the litter is at the far end of the garage. But they still track stuff into the house so I now cover my couch with a big sheet of plastic so they can't get on the couch. My house looks like crap do to animals and baby!