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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Covid Hits Close to Home - Again

This time it's my cousin, who takes care of my aunt who has dementia.  Last Monday we got the confirmation that my cousin was positive and it was too late to move my aunt because she had already likely been exposed, we also didn't have anywhere suitable to move her.  We're on constant standby should someone need to go to the hospital.  The plan is simple, if one of us (myself or husband) steps in to help and gets potentially infected, we will live out of our camper until we are covid-free.  

My cousin has a really bad case and so far hasn't needed medical intervention, but she's also extremely sick and isn't turning a corner.  We don't know when my aunt will get this, or if she already has, and if or when we might need to take one or more to an appointment.  I'm hoping my cousin can get approval for the antibody treatment but we'd need to do it in the next 2-3 days.

If my husband is exposed, he'd need to stay home from school where he's substituting for my cousin.  Our lives are so intertwined.  If I get exposed, then our kids who are currently doing school from home would need to go back to school with their dad, and that's if I don't manage to get them exposed in the process.  

This is a terrible illness for those with weakened immune systems.  

Usually this time of year I'd be dropping off consignments, prepping plants for our garden, and preparing for Easter.  My BFF wants to go on vacation but I can't commit to anything right now.  I'm numb to everything, just solely focused on my cousin, running errands for her and standing by.  

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Gina R said...

Listen, this BFF is completely and utterly understanding, so take the worry of how I feel off the table. I am hoping to see you over the weekend. That's it. I am still praying for your family and hoping that everyone will stay well who hasn't gotten sick and those sick will have a thorough and miraculous healing! Much love to you and your entire clan! I'll call you tomorrow!