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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Farmers to Families Food Box

I call it the church box because we pick it up at a local church but it's part of the Farmers to Family Food Box Program.  We've been getting this throughout February and it looks like they have funding to continue through March and April!  It's always exciting to see what will be inside.  The first few weeks were bags of chicken, followed by three weeks of ham and hotdogs, now we're back to chicken (rotisserie). 

The veggies are fun, one week we got four crowns of broccoli, the next a huge head of cauliflower, a bag of onions, kale, potatoes, and tomatoes!  Considering it's winter, I think some of the items are coming up from Florida, like the Roma tomatoes from last week's box.  It's been fun to find recipes to keep up with all the food, I'm not a big veggie person but I don't want waste anything.  The only items that have gone to waste are the foods that came in looking bad like the kale and a few onions. 

One week, I got so much cream cheese and sour cream I made a cheese cake!  The sell by date was about 3 weeks past by the time I realized I needed to use it up.  Another week I made an apple pie!  I feel like we're eating so well from these boxes.  It's foods I don't normally buy for the family but we do our best to incorporate them into our meal plan.  

Currently I have a huge surplus of apples (our neighbor gave a 10lb bag of apples to add to the 5lbs from the church box), two boxes of strawberries (making smoothies tonight), 10lbs of potatoes - and just got another 10lbs of potatoes from a school donation!  Liquid eggs two weeks in a row, we've had so many egg dishes!  I guess the only thing I'm really stuck on is what to use up the 20lbs of potatoes on!  I think next week I'll put stew and Shepard's pie on the menu.  

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