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Friday, March 05, 2021

My Violette is Changing

In this past year she's shot up in height, I always said she's be the tall one, but when she started wearing her big sisters shoes, the ones her four years older sister wore LAST YEAR - even I was astonished.  She's turning 9 in a month and wearing 10/12's that her 12 year old sister (soon to be 13) just recently stopped wearing!  Sorry to say, big sister is going to be the shorty of the family, although hoping she gets a little taller then me.  At 5' 4", I will probably be the small Moma of the family, lol.

In addition to her sudden height, she's started talking like an older kid.  Today she announced that we really should have a bag ready for emergencies with flashlights, food, money, etc.  I lost count of what she was saying should be in the bag while I marveled at her train of thought.  

Just a year ago she despaired reading, now she's super anxious when she finishes a book and doesn't have another lined up.  I have two more in the mail that are taking FOREVER to get here.

She enjoys taking long walks!  Just a year ago she would get stressed out over a mile, now it's two miles and she's like can we keep going?  We get home and she's hardly phased.  I'm really happy to see this, there was a time when I thought she'd never get on board with walking - which is truly needed for big parks and stuff.

She takes showers and doesn't need help with anything!  I'm loving the independence.

She can unload the dishwasher and put almost everything away.  

I'm just overwhelmed by the sudden and continuous signs of her turning into a TWEEN!  I'm also so glad she's still doing some little girl things with Evie, they love to watch PBS all morning and play with toys together.  They both get their school work done in an hour and then the morning is theirs.  The older kids have more school work, so it's still the littles together.  I wonder what this means for Evie's growth?

1 comment:

Gina R. said...

With one at 6'1", second at 5'9" and last one at 5'6", I am definitely staring down at short mama title here even though I am a generous 5'8". My children's feet at M13, W12 ex-wide and W10. I definitely have the daintiest feet at W9 1/2.

Her new developments are great! I like those thought processes too!