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Friday, April 02, 2021

Mike was called in

We'd prepared ourselves by discussing our covid quarantine plan at length, it was simple, if one of us is exposed we live out of the camper.  My husband was undaunted by cold nights saying his sleeping bag is rated for 40 degree nights.

We got the call on March 24th, my cousin was too weak to help my aunt get out of bed and my aunt needed help getting out of bed and down the stairs so Mike left his classes at 11am and he's been over there three times a day ever since. 

We pretend he's on a long work trip.  I did plenty of trips over the years where I was gone 2-3 weeks but this is different.  The kids are stressed about Amanda's health and now Aunt Joyce's health, both are dearly loved family members.  This makes for lots of kid fights and picking, they can't seem to leave each other alone some days.  Yesterday I instituted a policy where you apologize to the family for disturbing the peace for yelling at someone, screaming, making obnoxious noises more than 5 times, bossing someone around, etc.  First apologize to the person you yelled at, then apologize to the family for disturbing the peace.  We spent considerable time on this over dinner last night, I can't say if it's helping or not.

On March 31st we found out Joyce had Covid but Mike tested negative.  I guess his mask worked!  He was in a covid house 3 times a day for 7 days and didn't get covid.  Fastidious hand washing and wearing a well fitted mask did the trick.  

By April 1st, care givers had been hired and began working.  Now we count day from 7 days from last contact, get Mike retested and then he can come home.  I wanted him to get a rapid test but he argued they are not as accurate and then all this separation could be for nothing if he still brings it home.  Well, it sucks to say the least because he will miss Violette's birthday and Easter.  I'm struggling with that but I'll be okay.

Last night temps dipped to 27 degrees.  Mike survived with a heater and his 40 degree sleeping bag.  He says he slept well but I don't think I'd be eager to try it.  I wonder if they make 0 degree sleeping bags?

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