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Thursday, March 04, 2021

My Struggles with Spring

Cold, warm, cold, warm, repeat.  This is March.  Not quite cold enough for a winter coat.  One day so hot we are all in panic over wearing too much clothing, the next piling on hat's and gloves because it's in the 40's and windy.  

On the warm days I want to dive into the garden and get things growing, knowing I can't because it's still in the 30's at night.

Parks are open, but bathrooms are not. 

Oh the agony of early spring!

1 comment:

Gina R. said...

Come back to WPA and remember how bad we have it here. LOL!!
Cold, warm-cold, breezy warm, warm, and back down again. Repeat. Until we get a cold zap in the air and everything is frigid for a couple days.

I will say, in recent years, I haven't felt like winter has appeared at all. It's never cold enough to bring on even a foot of snow or freeze everything solid for a couple weeks straight. I want the bugs to die.