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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Week 3 Quarantine Life

On Monday, the governor of Maryland issued a stay at home order for the month of April.  For some reason the last three Monday's have been extremely stressful.  Work starts out rough, new announcements are made, stark reality sets in and the entire day just feels crummy.

The teachers at our kids school were stressed because they had been coming in on Monday's to prepare items for students to pick up, it's less than ten teachers there at a time.  They suddenly panicked over the new order because most were not set up to fully transition to working from home.  We acquired a fish tank, a bunch of plants, a plant shelf and some bags of food that no one was going to eat.  Our house got suddenly really crowded with many bags of stuff that still needs put away.

We then went to mom's house to pick up a stand for the fish tank and say our goodbyes for the month.

The stay at home announcement ended taking kids to school each morning and providing that much needed quiet time where everyone stays on a schedule.  We went back to having coffee in bed for an hour each morning and slowly easing through the day.  Home work was done sporadically throughout the entire day with at least one kid not being done yet.  I politely suggested to husband we needed to get back to a more structured schedule next week.  It's either that or I ignore them all and go about my day as I'm still working full time from home.

Tuesday we did a big grocery shop for two weeks for ourselves and mom.  We tried following the steps from a video on YouTube suggesting we wipe everything down that comes into the house and quarantine the dry goods in the basement for three days.  It was an exhausting amount of work and I didn't get to work until after lunch from first cleaning a huge area in the kitchen to put the groceries, making room in the fridge for groceries, then cleaning the groceries, then cleaning up the area after the groceries.  We later read something from a scientist that it wasn't entirely necessary so I don't think we'll be doing all that again.  Some things make sense like immediately throw away all the plastic bags, quarantine the dry goods for three days, but wiping everything down was just too much.  I'd need more evidence that it's necessary before doing that again.

All the fish died on Tuesday that had come home with the fish tank except for the snails and catfish so we left the tank running.

Wednesday and Thursday - no memories, no idea what happened both days.  I guess I worked and everyone just sorta lounged through whatever they did.

Friday was Violette's birthday!  I had to fight an overwhelming amount of sadness over not being able to invite her friends over, have mom over, get balloons, decorations, etc.  We made every effort to make it the nicest birthday we could offer and she really did seem to love her homemade cake and presents which were bought through Amazon!  

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