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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Today I learned a valuable lesson

Do not put a special day on the calendar if not prepared to fully celebrate that day.

Today is Superhero Day.  We only intended to play superhero music and movies but we were badgered all day to make capes!

I put the onerous on husband to make the capes because I'm working full time and he knows how to use the sewing machine better.  He just ignored them until they stopped asking.  Somehow they still managed to make me feel guilty for not providing capes.

Happy Superhero Day!

PS:  In writing this quick post, I learned that Superhero is one word, that really bugs me, I feel like it should be two words.

Update - youngest put on Batman jammies, because it's Superhero Day y'all!  She found a way to celebrate without capes!! 

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