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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Week 2 Quarantine Life

Rather than posting daily, I've decided to do one weekly recap on quarantine life, unless it becomes the new normal - I hope not! 

During the weekend, we realized our laissez faire approach to homework and life was not working.  Our 2nd grader is the least motivated and she had somehow skated the entire week without reading any required reading or math!  Sneaky girl!!  Our oldest miss-read her homework instructions and did one page of math instead of five.  Somehow the boy had hammered through his pile and our youngest had gone on a binge completing many pages in her two workbooks and was driving us all crazy with constant questions so we had to put the breaks on her so we could work with the others. 

Husband put his foot down and declared it time to enforce a schedule.  Coffee hour in bed ended and we all began getting up at 6:30am again.  The positive side is the kids were dressed and fed before 7:30 and able to still watch their favorite show, Odd Squad.  I was showered and fed before going to work at 9 rather than squeezing it during my lunch hour.  We all felt more productive and ready for the day. 

Husband decided to continue taking the kids to school so he could get his teaching work done - prep homework for his classes, grade homework, etc.  He teaches 4 different classes so I guess that would be alot of books to bring home, plus we just don't have the printing capabilities to support all that!  Good thing we live 10 minutes from school.

The kids are in a safe environment with no other kids are going in so they just do their schoolwork while dad works.  They all get done around noon and come home for lunch.  I get a noise/distraction free morning to work.  In the afternoons the kids do chores, watch "Drawing with Mo Williams" and a zoo live cast show from the Cincinnati Zoo at 3pm followed by phone time.

Everyone seems to be mutually pleased with this schedule.

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