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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

2020 Spring Flowers

Last spring I was devastated to see no spring flowers were coming up around the house which we had bought the prior fall.  I had no idea what was in the flower beds for spring and ran out of time in the fall to plant anything with my travel schedule at the time.  I was determined to not let that happen again!  Spring is important, it's a magical time of year that brings hope and promise with so much beauty.  We could all use a little hope and beauty right about now.

I spent a year researching flowers, watching "Big Dreams Small Spaces", and in the fall I planted as much as we could afford.  Lidl had bulbs on sale for $2.00 per bag with $10 off coupons for spending $50 so I'd get $10 of free bulbs this way and I did it at least 3 times!  Now that $30 could have gone towards food but I'd like to think it was $30 of free bulbs. 

I think I planted over 100 bulbs.  The squirrels dug quite a few out and I was worried I wouldn't have any flowers left.  I know I should have used protective chicken wire but it was hard enough to cut through the mesh to dig a hole for every single bulb, I would have had to completely redo the flower beds, remove existing mulch and mesh paper to keep weeds at bay.  I hate the mesh paper but hate the process of removing it all more.  In the end, I put up with the squirrels nibbling and was surprised to see well over 50 survival rate.  This fall I plan to fill in the gaps with even more!  Maybe I'll even remove the horrid mesh paper - or not! 

The really fun part for me is seeing how excited the kids get over each new bulb.  They rush me outside every time they find a new flower has opened.  I love that. 

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