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Saturday, March 14, 2020

2020 Spring Break ~ Staycation

Last year we had an epic trip to Florida, it was our first attempt in quite some time to make spring break memorable.  I think prior years I had just worked through the kids spring break but in 2019 I got an extra week of vacation and that's what allowed us to make the trip.

This year our finances are tied up in an upcoming investment venture so we needed to be more frugal.  We also had a long list of parent errands to attend and both our jobs required some presence so we tried our best to give the kids a special thing to look forward to each day.

  • Inspection for Truck
  • Worked 2 hours in the morning
  • City Park
  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • Bank appointment for investment venture, dropped kids at mom's house while we went to the bank
  • Mike had play practice in the evening
  • Library for books and movies

  • Finish paperwork for investment venture
  • Dad go to school in morning to grade papers, mom do a couple hours of work
  • Onward Movie after lunch

  • Breakfast at Cracker Barrel with mom
  • Try to fix mom’s printer
  • Print art forms, chore list and make menu
  • More calls for investment venture
  • Call JCPenny for hair appointments
  • Finish pricing consignments
  • Change oil in SUV in afternoon 
  • Work in back yard for two hours

  • Finish new bedding in master bedroom
  • Science Center downtown Hagerstown
  • Swim class in evening

  • 9:30am – Mike doctor’s appointment
  • 10-11am – Walmart Pick up, got canceled so had to go inside to shop during pandemic craze with my four kids plus visiting kid!
  • Mike went to Costco in Frederick for supplies
  • 3pm – bank appointment for investment venture
  • Michaels to frame family photo
  • Kids went to my mom's house for the afternoon while parents did banking/Target/Michaels trip
Throughout the week the coronavirus news got worse until Thursday at 4:30pm, it was finally announced that all Maryland schools would be closed for two more weeks.  Our school, who started their spring break a week early, was now facing 3 weeks off school!!!  They will still have homework sent home complete each day so basically we're now homeschooling for two weeks.  No big deal, husband is a science teacher at their school so he can preside over their homeschooling activities while I continue to work from home.  

I'm glad we stayed home.  It might have been more stressful to deal with the news if we'd been traveling and by Friday stores were selling out of food fast.  Imagine coming back from a trip to striped down stores?  I'm sure they will be restocked soon enough but still the idea of coming home to such chaos makes me glad we stayed local.

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